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Seven discoveries everyone should know in the U.S. Constitution.
Power to fund the USA without taxation.

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Seven reasons to replace your pocket Constitution with Loy's 2024 edition:

  1. Comprehensive insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the Constitution with new content explaining its prohibitions on socialism, taxation principles, and currency creation.
  2. Ethical guidance: Access the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments alongside the solemnity of the Congressional Oath, all conveniently in your pocket.
  3. Constitutional clarity: Discover the absence of familiar words like "nation" and "democracy," and uncover surprising inclusions, shedding light on the document's original intent.
  4. Enhanced rights awareness: Learn how the First Ten Amendments surpass a traditional "Bill of Rights," ensuring your liberties are thoroughly protected.
  5. Fiscal awareness: Delve into the complexities of taxation and currency creation, providing insights into contemporary economic debates.
  6. Empowered citizenship: Understand Congress's authority to fund constitutional education, empowering you with knowledge of your rights and responsibilities.
  7. Spiritual significance: Explore the presence of religious principles in the Constitution and dispel misconceptions about the "separation of church and state," enriching your understanding of the document's spiritual context.

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Challenging the Immunity of Congress

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